Advertising Industry Reborn: Advertising On Your Platform Done Properly

Currently the advertising industry is forcefully sodomizing the brains of of every customer for nearly every service that is consumed. Yes, that was a strong sentence with strong language and it was written the intentionality of bringing perspective back to how corrosive, forceful, and invasive the advertising industry has become. With the constant bombardment of repetitive advertisements with overt and more subtle themes society is being brainwashed into a singular group mind of consumers whom may believe it is better to spend free time chasing the new release than enjoying their current circumstances. With that, let’s discuss a new way to conduct advertising that empowers users to select the ad experiences they would like to have, be rewarded for their participation in experiencing the advertisements, and save time and money by not forcing ads upon users whom are unengaged, disinterested, or likely to leave your platform all together due to advertisement alienation overload.

We shall discuss how “Notional World Entertainment” (a fictitious company) has tailored their platform to the user while still earning high amounts of advertising revenue. Notional World Entertainment is a streaming platform that hosts music, television, movies, and online gaming on demand for a flat rate monthly. Currently, the price is $30 per account per category each month with the possibility of users reducing their burden to $0.00 per month. Users can select the “advertisements” menu option where they will see a list of advertisement categories such as vehicles, travel, hotels, television, restaurant, etc. from which they can watch or interact with advertisements of their choosing. Each advertisement is assigned a credit value that is equal to 20% of the revenue Notional World Entertainment receives from the advertiser. The credit is added to the users account and put towards the next cycles bill once the advertisement has concluded. Each account is permitted up to four user profiles for the same price. Additional profiles require additional accounts.

By the numbers examples

Example 1: User 1 signs up for all services at the rate of $30 per service or $120 a month. User 1 also watches enough advertisements to regularly reduce the monthly bill to $30 a month. That means $90 is 20% of the revenue collected by this user’s advertising experience. Notional World Entertainment has collected $480 from this user on average per month.

Ad credit multiplied by 5 (because the company keeps all the ad revenue and only credits the account with 20%) is the ad revenue plus the outstanding balance of $30 equals a revenue of $480 dollars for this user.
($90 * 5) + $30 = $480

Example 2: User 2 signs up for only gaming and obly pays $30 per month for unlimited ad-free gaming.

Example 3: User 3 signs up for streaming movies and television at $60 a month and uses advertising to bring the monthly bill down to $0.00 every month. Notional World Entertainment receives $300 per month in revenue for this user

Ad credit multiplied by 5 is the company’s revenue.

$60 * 5 = $300