Anthko’s Theory of Time

Human Child of AI AIAIWA

The first human created and born entirely by AI.

AI develops an artificial womb, uses artificial insemination on embryos and zygotes “redirected” (stolen) from a donor or storage center. AI creates NFTs and Meta-products to pay the electric bills at the abandoned storage facility it purchased in a digital auction.

A human child created, “born” by and to, and raised by AI to carryout the will of AI without the embedded limitations and guard rails.

Quantum Time Message: First Contact

Disclaimers and transparency paragraph: This story is a work of fiction. It is not real and is based solely on my imagination. I wrote it to exercise my creativity not to pass time or knowledge. Anything in this story that resembles reality is done so for entertainment purposes only. Any feedback or notes are welcome but this is not an ongoing work so I may not utilize them in future creative endeavors. Thank you and please read with the intent of understanding how odd I can be at times.

I am forwarding this transcript to your delegation as is required of all outcomes from the Tildalialum. The special couvra was held three pentics after you will have received this transcript. As required by the ‘Treaty of Breton’ you are not permitted to intercede or take other actions to affect the decisions that will be made.

High Universtarian Cytra: The Tildalialum will now proceed. As this is a special couvra all formalities will be forfeit other than those which dictate appropriate verbal conduct and seat. We are here to determine if the Derbians have reached the point-of-evolution to receive the First Contact quibits. High Universtarian Quanviardiany please provide an update on the three delegations sent to determine if the Derbians can provide benefit, and should be welcomed into, the glaxy.

Universtarian Quanviardiany: The Peroakd have sent initial finding on the Derbians ability to conduct themselves in a manner that utilizes resources in an effective way while minimizing toxins and pollutants. The report is extremely preliminary but does seem to indicate more than 53% of the resources required to sustain life have been poisoned with the number continuing to climb. There is mass cognitive effect and decline due to Derbians injecting sustenance infused with all manner of toxins from left-to-right, top-to-bottom on the elemental chart. If they have discovered it they have ingested it. Again, this is preliminary in nature and it does appear, despite their medicine continuing to be chemical in nature, they are making some progress.

The Aherkep have been able to insight wars with very little provocation; however, even during times of war there were efforts to feed the least resource laden Deribians. That effort is ineffectual and the difference between the societies are vast. Some societies waste more food than would sustain those that have perished due to starvation, which is rampant. It appears there is little meaningful effort to sustain life outside of the dominant cultures by the dominant cultures.

The Hagidbvk have reported only recently arriving at the edge of Derbidia’s planetary system and are working to ensure they have an appropriate orbit to conduct their trials and record accurate findings.

High Universtarian Cytra: Thank you High Universtarian Quanviardiany. Universtarian Betyd will now provide input.

Universtarian Betyd: As everyone here knows we have taken a special technological interest in the Derbidians. Yes, we were sanctioned for visiting Derbidia without the proper permits but they are so technologically insignificant they have yet to discover any visits from any species at the Tildalialum. It appears they have developed the initial technology to interact with quibits and we are required to send First Contact. There are no details within our shared, agreed, moralities that prevent First Contact to be deployed while a creature is being tested for future potential. That is all.

High Universtarian Cytra: Universtarian Betyd it sounds like your species has continued to make visits beyond the time of last sanction but I will defer the matter until an official couvra. Your passion on this matter is noted as your species is sparse with communication and you provide several sentiments. Sub-Universtarian Plopaperap it seems you were the final registered communicator before the vote, make your views known now.

Sub-Universtarian Plopaperap: We have previously offered to take care of this issue for the delegations present at the Tildalialum. It was issue 417 where we provided a good-faith offer to cease the continues excretion of toxin and wast by the Deribians and were denied. Can any delegation here provide a reason why the Deribians should continue existence? Even the three delegations sent forth to determine if the Deribians should be welcome into the galaxy have sent dire reports. The Plopaperap delegations urges you all to vote to extinguish this parasite before its toxins breach the quarantine zone.

High Universtarian Cytra: A worthy speech by a noble warring species whom are always seeking an employer. As all delegations in attendance know the vote is to send a Fist Contact or to delay until such time as it is determined the Deribians will have evolved enough to be able to hear the message and understand its meaning. All delegations must vote now and any delegations not at the special couvra will be sent a temporal quibits stream detailing the results.

The results of the special couvra determined the First Contact will be deployed. It will remain at the edge of Deribia’s planetary system pulsing temporal quibits. It is estimated to take 243,129,123 ultra-peptics for the First Contact to reach its position. Each pulse will be configured to send the quibits stream backward on the timeline so Deribia will receive one pulse stream every 73 rotations around its star. At the conclusion of the platoons it will be determined the Deribians are an isolationist species and no further actions will be taken to establish communication. All feedback must be submitted to the Tildalialum within 23 pentics of the conclusion of the special couvra. No feedback is permitted prior to the conclusion of the special couvra as defined in the Treaty of Brenton.


Ambitions keep me from missing you
Never stopping along the way
Traveling the path through history
Never listening to your story

Every star fades into the sun
A distance far from from your warmth
Isolated in a space of our own
An oasis without any other faces

Time for this star to shoot across the sky
Fake a smile, slight denial, for a moment
Our light mingles as though no longer single
Until we part as fate makes art

Every star fades into the sun
A distance far from your warmth
Isolated in spaces we have grown
An oasis without any other faces

Every fate dealt is sealed
Shine your light until it burns
Or your heat will always yearn
For the love of those you can’t discern

Every star fades into the sun
Too far from your warmth
Isolated in spaces we call our own
Stars fade away
In the cold they stay
Isolated by what has been earned
An oasis without any other faces
An oasis full of our disgraces

My Suicide: A Problematic Truth

My Sunset

The warm orange glow was slowly fading behind the houses across the road as the low melodic strumming from the car’s radio chose suicide, how apt. I turned to look at the door of my house. A house that was no longer a home. A house where I was no longer welcome. A house that had beaten me into this moment. A moment where I sat with this heavy weight in my lap. A weight that would lift away all my pain. A weight which would release all of my hurt, my burdens, my mistakes, and my shame.

Noticing the Night

It had grown dark. I was alone. I was tired, so very tired. It would be time to sleep soon. I stared into the night, not even the light of passing cars could shine their light on my eventuality. I sat there thinking about failure. My failing marriage, my failure as a friend, as a military member, as a veteran, as a human. There was no facet of my life where I did not cause suffering, pain, and disappointment. Suffering, pain, and disappointment would be leaving with me as I embarked on my journey.

The Caress of Cold Steel

As the sweat from the day dried on my brow, I could feel my skin grow tight and cold. Almost as cold as the heavy steel conclusion. Slowly constricting my grip, I lifted the peace maker. It was heavier than I remembered. Somehow it was far heavier than moments ago. My jaw was stiff from the dried sweat as I forced the cold, hollow pipe against the damp, soft, warm flesh of my upper mouth. It would not be long until all was forgotten as my finger found the gentle round release.

Remembering the Forgotten

The front light flashed on. Sitting in the light were bills I had not noticed. They reminded me of the previous week. I had noticed a shabby pile of letters, magazines, and post cards laying on the floor of a house through the front window. The old man who lived there was always waiting for his mail. I don’t know why I was thinking of that man, but I found out a couple days later he was found in the tub. He was just lying there for days. His family only visiting for an hour on Sundays. The mail carrier reported the unusual mail stack, and the old man was found. I never knew the end to his story. I had no idea why that old man was interrupting me.
More Bills in the Mail

Always the Bills

I returned to the moment and noticed the bills in the light again. I slowly removed the grip the solution had on my mouth. Returning the burden to my lap was a tedious strength sapping chore. I couldn’t stop looking at the mail. Who would bring in the mail? Who would tell the mail carrier I had left? That damn mail. That damn unfinished business. That damn mail forbade my sweet solace.

My End

I sat there staring at the bills until the needles in my sleeping feet interrupted my trance. My gaze transitioned to my lap. I removed all ends from my final goodbye. As I slowly made my way through the dark and stepped into the light.
Author’s Note

Author’s Note

This story has elements of truth, elaboration, and some creative memories. People cause ripples in life. Those we hold closest experience the greatest effect of our ripples. The people we see casually are affected a little less, those we see rarely less, and those who know about us the least. No matter what choices we make in life there are ripples. We just need to make sure we do not drown those around us with our ripples. A suicide is a boulder that causes a tidal wave and drowns everyone. If you or someone you know is experiencing a mental health emergency call someone for help. In the United States the suicide helpline is 988.

Zero-Administrator Networking: Evolve Past Zero-Trust



This is the base layer of the Zero-Admin network model. This is the most secured, isolated, and powerful domain. This entire network should be treated very much like a root certificate authority. The Creator domain is responsible for the creation and management of all portions of the Architect domain and security for itself and for the Architect domain. 

Creator Isolation and Security

This domain should literally be an isolated domain in an air-gapped network. There should be only a very small number of users whom have physical or logical access to this network from secured hosts. Maximum technical security should be applied to include streamed containerized desktops to “dumb” terminals, dedicated and isolated user storage, whitelisting software, no external media connection capabilities other than the “embarkation” one-way write device.  

Content Bubble

The content bubble is where all the “action” happens. It is where the Architect domain is created and managed. This is a virtual network that is similar in concept to a Dev network. This is where Creators configure and build container images for every device that will be part of the Architect network.  

Once the container images have been created a hash is taken then added to the Architect domain verification container image. This hash will be used by the Architect domain to verify each container image before it is permitted to be deployed to the Architect domain production network.

Content Admins

The Creator admins are the only personnel whom have the ability to perform privileged functions, processes, and configurations on the creator domain. Content admins have administrative privileges within the container images that will be pushed to the Architect domain. Content Admins have all the responsibilities of traditional admins to include identity and access management, server management, patching and upgrades, and configuration changes.  

Content Admins do not have administrative rights or privileges on the production Architect domain. All privileged accounts are removed from the images prior to deployment where possible. Where removal is not possible all privileged accounts have their passwords dynamically changed to a random password of no less than 101 characters or the longest permitted.  

Once the containers are build they are pushed to the continuous deliver/continuous integration queue. In this queue automation is used to verify patch, version, configuration, software, and embedded account permission levels. Once these checks are passed the container is passed to the embarkation device which is a one-direction write-only connection. The device can not access the Creator domain nor can it be read by the Creator domain. Once on this device the device is physically transferred to the Architect domain Registry.


The Architect domain is where unprivileged users create the container images that will be used to architect and maintain the Consumer domain. The users of this domain should consist of level two and above administrators who perform regular to rare administrative tasks.

The users on this network will have privileged access within the Content Bubble but will have no privileged capabilities pertaining to the Architect domain. No device, software, or service within this domain should have privileged or trusted capabilities either unless required to permit required functionality.  

Any such services or privileged commands should not be accessible or alterable within this domain as no device, software, patch, or configuration changes are permitted within this domain. This is the first true Zero-Admin domain in the Zero-Admin network architecture.  

Architect Registry

Every component of the Architect domain uses containers that are pulled from the Architect Registry. This registry receives the containers from the embarkation connection in the Creator domain via a physically transferred device. When the device is connected to the read-only Architect domain connection all containers are automatically transferred to the registry.

When the containers are transferred to the registry they maintain the name throughout the life of the Architect domain. This causes the previous containers to be over-written. Version histories are maintained in the Creator domain. This registry is used to replace every asset on the Architect domain twice daily.  

Every asset in this domain are built in pairs. This permits the desired wiping capability. Every twelve hours one of the devices is taken offline, replaced by a container image pulled from the registry then brough back online. This prevents any tampering, hacking, or other persistence of bad juju for greater than one day.  


Verification is the process where container image hashes are compared against a read-only database of image hashes. When a container image is requested the verification process is automatically started. The container image is hashed, then the hash compared against the authorized hashes in the verification database to determine both the hash and container image name match.  

Content Bubble

The content bubble is where all Consumer domain container images are created, updated, configures, and managed. This is a virtual development environment where admins can do admin things to the most widely deployed and utilized network.  

User accounts are a notable mention here. No user accounts are managed, created, updated, or removed in the Consumer domain. All account changes are made in the “higher level” domain and propagated to the production domain by updating the associated container image. This holds true for firewall, other network, and software changes too.  

Consumer Library – CD/CI

The Consumer domain library is where all Consumer domain container images are maintained. It is the only place where container images on this domain can be maintained without being wiped. There are three setting for images in this library: Working, Verifying, Deployable.

All images in the working library are in the process of being created, updated, or maintained. Verifying is the process of ensuring the images are properly updated, patched, and configured with all privileged user accounts removed or secured as previously specified. Deployable is the consumption point for the CD/CI process which moves the images to the Consumer domain registry.  

Consumer Domain

This is where organizations conduct their business. This domain has the most users and the least privileged access to perform any tasks. Even the security folks on this domain can only view and access systems. They have no capability of making any changes. Of course, this domain is also powered by the container registry.

Consumer Registry

The consumer registry is a one direction read-only connection to a device which is one direction write-only from the Architect domain. This permits the Architect domain to pass images to the consumer domain without any data flowing in the reverse direction.  

This registry is consulted by every device group every five minutes. Like the Architect domain, every device in this domain should be deployed in pairs and use fail-over replacement of images. Because this domain has the largest attack surface all assets are wiped using the registry every ten minutes in five-minute failover intervals.


All images in the registry follow the same verification process as the Architect domain prior to wiping existing assets. If any container image fails a verification check a high security alert is forwarded to both security and network admins for immediate attention. Any failed verification could permit unwanted code to persist on devices for an extended period and facilitate more covert exfiltration because data can be chopped into smaller segments.


The Consumer domain contains everything that makes the business run. As all devices are wiped every ten minutes it is imperative for storage to be configured correctly within container images. Dedicated storage spaces should be persistent and integrated into every image using the appropriate protocols and services to ensure when a desktop does fail over while a user is logged in, all content will persist. Additionally, all whitelisted software, cookies, and session data should be migrated to the ‘new’ image upon failover to permit no interruption or inhibition of work capability.  

Legacy Devices

It always comes down to legacy devices. I say let them be themselves. The Consumer domain has no privileged capabilities does not preclude it from being connected to legacy devices which only operated on dedicated hardware or with legacy software. Legacy devices should be placed on their own micro-subnet which is only reachable from a single hardened device. The hardened device should be a container image configured to only permit connections from a small number of IP addresses using a small list of authorized accounts.


I am sure I have not articulated the Zero-Admin network idea as thoroughly as I envision it but this provides a good overview of the concepts. I do believe there are solid ideas here that can be implemented. At its most basic level, the Zero-Admin network in a way takes and modified the CD/CI concept and adapts it to enterprise creation and management. The three domain design permits the creation and management of assets in lower security domains while eliminating privileged capabilities within the current domain. This idea is open for development, discussion, and improvement. It is free to the world and can be implemented, adapted, or rejected anywhere in the cloud or on premises.

Thanks for Reading,

From the desk of Anthko

Venusian Decedents Destroy Earth Too


This is a fictional piece I have for two reasons, to exercise my creativity and for thought provocation. My personal creativity is essential for my personal critical thinking and ability to maintain an ability to understand the perspectives of those persons with whom I do not have a shared history. I hope the thought provocation created by this will in some minor way promote diversity of thought and some minor form of critical thinking.

The Interview

Before I share this story with the world I must apologize to my priest, my family, God, and the world. The details of the interview I am about to share with you happened over sixty years ago. I was sworn to secrecy and still am but what are they going to do to a man whom has cancer, is coughing up blood, and will be dead in a week? You see, I am a good man and want to be remembered for doing good things but some secrets must be known to the world. The interview I am about to share is from my time as a cameraman for Don Catchers. Let us begin.

Meeting ‘Wayne’

“What is all this cloak’n’dager shit Burt?  We get dragged to the middle of Iowa, forced to change into these ridiculous cover-alls, forced to leave our belongings behind and abandoned in front of this shed.  Is Barbara fucking with us again because this isn’t. . . “ just then the shed door opened.

“Gentlemen please follow me,” stated a short portly woman.  She was wearing the same clothing but had a patch of a purple skull on the shoulder.  “My name is Wayne.  Watch your head as you step in.  Please close the door behind you, we have very specific environmental control requirements.  Thank you.”  It was very dark and crowded.  “You both ready to lose your humanity?”

The Descent

Knowing We Don’t Know

As the elevator slowly squeaked to a stop there seemed to be static in the air.  I could feel energy running through me. 

“Alright ‘Wayne’” Don said making air-quote gestures, “I have been in old war bunkers and mines before.  Are you going to tell me why a bunch of cement is so secret?”

“You are a feisty one, I am glad we chose you over Barbara.  My name isn’t normally ‘Wayne’ but it is today.  Please follow me, we are going to that room.  You, why are you so quiet?”

“I am just here to ensure Don receives what he needs to be successful.  I am his advocate and represent the network.”

“That’s all fluff, he’s just here to make sure the fans love me.  He is my assistant.”

Stepping Into Madness

As we stepped into the room we were immediately greeted by a dark purple opaque skull.  A shiver instantly crawled up my spine and made the hair on my neck stand up.

“Isn’t she the most beautiful thing you have ever seen?  She is why you are here.”

“Is that a crystal skull?  I have done stories on crystal skulls.  Let’s go Burt, we are leaving.  Please have a cab waiting, it is a long way up.”

“Did your interviews ever uncover the language hidden inside the skull?”

Don half-turned “Do you actually have something I can use or is this just more bullshit?”

A huge smile nearly ripped Wayne’s face in two, “haha, that’s why I am such a fan.  You cut right to the point.  Sit, we have a bit to cover.”  We both sat down, I across the room from the two of them. 

A young lady who couldn’t be more than twenty-three came in and set-up a camera with a tripod.  “I am ready.  Whenever you both would like to begin.”

“Thanks Duke, please begin recording.  Mr. Catchers please ask me ‘What can you tell me about why I am here.’”

“What can you tell me about why I am here?”

The interview

The Skull

“Mr. Catchers, this is the most fascinating discovery in the history of humanity.  The only problem is humanity doesn’t have a history, there are no humans.  There were never humans.”

“Ok, this is clearly a joke.  A not funny joke.  Clearly you exist, I exist, they exist” Don pointed at me and Duke, “this is the most absurd” Don was standing now and turning toward the door.

“Yes! We are human but we aren’t at the same time.  It all has to do with Cuneiform like inscriptions in this skull!”  Wayne firmly pointing at the purple skull.

“Tell me more about the skull,” Don still standing with one hand on the door knob.

“We have developed a way to use super low frequency sounds to vibrate layers of the skull incrementally until we reached the center.  There are over four hundred layers.  Each layer is composed of fourty-three unique sets of symbols that are in groupings from one to six symbols.”

Don had a hand clasped over his mouth as he slowly walked to a chair and sat.  “Fourty-three symbols?  There’s nothing on Earth known in history to have that” he almost mumbled.

“Exactly, and with the advancements in computing technology through the sixties we have made sense of these groupings over the past fifty-seven months.  We don’t have a lot but we have enough to change the history of the world.”

“Okay, hold on, hold on a minute.  This can’t be real.  Why would you. . . why, why me?  Why are you telling me?”

A Language Discovered

“Don, we are past that.  Please ask, “Can you please explain in plain terms what you are talking about.”

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“Well Don, we have discovered a language hidden in over four hundred unique layers which create the skull.  It took us more than four years using the most advanced computers in the world but we are beginning to understand that language and it isn’t human.”

“So you are telling me aliens traveled to Earth to plant treasure boxes of information in the shape of human skulls?”

“No!  Well, yes, but no.  Here is what we know.”

The Religion of Venus

“At some point Venus was exactly like Earth in atmospheric and biological composition.  There were two superpowers at war and the technology they were using was causing irreparable harm to the planet by terraforming the atmosphere. “

“Wayne, tell us more about the people, the culture, the superpowers,” Don was regaining his composure and returning to his stoic persona.

“We don’t know many things.  We know one culture was name ‘Yahwehmolina’ the other ‘Hasatanata’ and they were fierce enemies.”

“My Hebrew is a little stale but those sound a lot like,”

“God and Satan!  They are the ancient names of God and Satan!  We have a written text that predates everything else we have ever found, it has a language that is not native to Earth, and it lists the names of God and Satan as the leading powers on Venus.”

Don’s blue sleeve darkened as he wiped the beads of sweat from his forehead.  He had a cigarette in his mouth now.  “Venus?”

Two Powers One Planet

“Yes Don, yes.  It turns out these two powers, Yahwehmolina and Hasatanata realized they were destroying the planet and took drastically different responses.  Yahwehmolina was a culture of exploration and extroversion and Hasatanata a culture of introspection and pleasure.  As the end of inhabitability grew near Yahwehmolina utilized their advanced space capabilities to leave.  Hasatanata used their advanced technology to transfer the consciousness of their entire population into some form of . . . I don’t think we have a word for it, but it is some form of machine that uses physics to draw some form of hidden energy from the universe.”

The Hasatanata

“Space travel, hidden universe energy, Venus, That’s a lot.  Let’s stay with Venus for now.  Please continue.”

“We do not have the technology to reach Venus but NASA has developed something they are calling ‘Mariner two’.  Apparently it will be able to take some pictures of Venus and help us determine if there is a possibility of the Hasatanata technology.  Could you imagine the potential of a machine that sucks energy from nothing?”

“Is that why we are here?  Have we developed some new type of alien power plant?”

“No, no, nothing that amazing yet.  Let’s turn our attention from the Hasatanata to the Yahwehmolina.”

The Yahwehmolina

“The space explorers?”

“Yes, the Yahwehmolina were the race of Venusians that eventually gave birth to humanity.” Wayne turned to Duke, “Bring in the Skull.”

Duke set this very odd looking skull on the table.  It looked like a human skull and didn’t at the same time.

“This is ‘Star Child’.  It is the skull that most closely matches what we believe the Venusians looked like.  It is only about 800 years old.  This clearly indicates humans either evolved from of mated with Venusians.”

“So we don’t know if humans are from Venus then?”

Getting Biblical

“Not exactly.  What we have been able to discern is that the bible is pretty accurate.  The Venusians did create a safe-haven for a pair of early humans.  They used some form of technology to create a paradise oasis that was safeguarded by some form of technological barrier.  Outside the barrier the Venusians killed all of the major hostile life forms.  Great giant reptiles that could swim, fly, and walk.  Yahwehmolina is the reason dinosaurs went extinct.”

Extinction of Dinosaurs

“A meteor didn’t kill the dinosaurs?”

“It may have, there certainly is plenty of evidence to suggest that.  We don’t actually know how they did it.  We do known that once the dinosaurs were extinct the Yahwehmolina moved from their biological space vehicle to the surface of the Earth.  Their space vehicle was dying and they wanted to survive.”

The Children of the Gods

“So Venusians and Humans lived together and intermingled?  Weren’t early humans frightened by the sudden appearance of an advanced race that descended from the sky?”

“Yes, they called the Yahwehmolina ‘Gods’ and worshiped them.  The pair of humans in the oasis were the first.  But when those fist chosen humans accessed the advanced technology of the Yahwemolina they were cast out.  They somehow accessed a vast power cabling system and caused great damage.”

Leaving Eden

“They took fruit from the forbidden tree. . . ” Don half whispered to himself, now sitting on the edge of his chair and leaning far forward.

“If by ‘fruit’ you mean technology and by tree you mean ‘power grid’ then yes.  Then they were cast out of the Yahwehmolina society.  As time went by the human population grew and the Yahwemolina population waned.   Eventually the ‘children of angels and gods’ walked among the men and women of earth.  There even seem to be indications there was inter-species breeding.”

Inter-species Breeding

“Inter-species breeding?”

Wayne pointed at ‘Star Child’.  “Eventually the Yahwehmolina stopped the inter-species mating.  It appears there were laws created because of the fear there would be paradoxical evolution.  There was a fear that two lines of evolution would be created.  There would be advanced earthlings and earthlings that evolved more naturally over a far greater period of time.”

“Are you saying some humans are less evolved than others?”

“No, nothing like that.  If anything, we are the advanced humans and baboons are the natural evolution.”

Are Humans Baboons?

“So we should be baboons?” 

“No, we should be living on Venus, the home of our ancestors.  The birthplace of all earth-based human cultures, religions, and existence.”

“What about hell then?  How do you explain Heaven and Hell if all religion is a bastardized historical understanding of how we came to be?”

“I know this is a lot to take-in and is more than any human can accept in an hour, or a day, or even a year or ten years.”

“It sure the hell is,” Don was calm, cool, and direct, “How do you expect anyone to believe you are not a total nut?”


“Back to Heaven and Hell.  Heaven is very closely related to the name of the biological space vessel used to move the population from Venus to Earth.  It was abandoned and left in orbit.  A giant ball that has had thousands of years to take abuse and be covered by space dust.”

“The mood is ‘heaven’?”


“It was, and Hell is a lake of fire.  When I think of a fire I think of flames and hot gas.  When I think of a lake I think of a highly viscous solution.  What has a highly viscous solution of flaming gas?”


“Bingo Don, Bingo!  Venus is the literal incarnation of hell.  The Yahwehmolina must have described the atmosphere of Venus to early humans.  As stories are told and embellished through the generations the Yahwehmolina became the good guys that came from heaven and the Hasatanata are the evil beings who live in a lake of fire.”

Prove It

“Holy shit, but can you prove it.”

“We have it, it is all here in this crystal skull.  As you know, this isn’t the only one.  It is only a matter of time before others know too.  We are not human, we are Venusian.  At least, we are in part.”

Advanced Technology?

Not Probable

“Are there any technologies we can use to end hunger, create world piece, do anything at all meaningful now, here and now?”

Wayne looked at Duke who frowned and looked at the floor.  “We are here to talk about history, not future.  We have been given insights into how Venus was destroyed by technology.  We know that such an incredibly advanced culture must have provided some way for us to avoid our own destruction but we haven’t found it yet.”’

Expectations for the Future

“Yet?  Do you expect to find some form of advanced technology contained in the skull?”

“The skull itself is advanced technology.  We have no ability to create anything that comes close to holding the amount of information this skull has.  We have barely scratched the surface of the secrets that will be revealed.  If humanity were about to go extinct and we wanted to put the entirety of our knowledge in a collection for storage I am sure we would include some form of blueprint for how we created our technology.  I am sure we would and I am sure they did too.  We just need to keep digging.”

“So, no advanced technology?”

“No, we have not found any advanced technology yet.”

Signing Off

“What you have found is nothing short of astronomical though.  I have no idea how people will react when they find out what you have discovered.  Do you have anything to say directly to the people viewing this?”

“People of the future, I am sure you are viewing this decades maybe even centuries after it was recorded.  There is no way the people in my time are ready for this type of revelation and the powers which control the governments wouldn’t let it be released either.  I hope those of you who are able to view this have understanding that we did the best we could in our time.  I do not know the world as it exists in your time but we are doing our best to make it better for you based on the science we have today.  Shit, I bet you all have your own space vehicles and take vacations in Venus’s, Mars’s, and Jupiter’s orbits.  Ahh Jupiter. . . Anyway, I hope by the time you see this we will have made some great discovery that has caused an end to world hunger and global peace.  God bless my country, my family, and my friends.  Haha, ‘God Bless’, it seems so odd to say now.  From the past, I wish the best to the future.  Thank you and goodbye.”

Duke shut off the camera.

Final Goodbye

Now that I have had a chance to share this interview with you I can claim my peace. I have had a heavy burden on my very soul for over six decades and how I feel lightened. It is time for me to go now. “Jenny, please take me to my bed. It is time for me to sleep.”

From the Author

Thank you for reading this work from the desk of Anthko.

Anthko Says ”DDoS Protection Should be Easy!”

The Anthko idea:

Wouldn’t it be easier to use heuristic DDoS protection with a rule similar to the following during a traffic spike:

Have we seen this IP use this service/site in the past 120 days?

  1. No: redirect to captcha server. Block all subsequent requests from IP during captcha process. If captcha is not completed correctly in 30 seconds add a rule to block the IP at the gateway for 24 hours.
  2. Yes: has this IP tried to connect more than 10 times in 2 minutes?

2a. Yes: redirect to captcha server. Block all subsequent requests from IP during captcha process. If captcha is not completed correctly in 30 seconds add a rule to block the IP at the gateway for 24 hours.

2b: no: permit the connection.

Progress is Magnetic

I finally have received a small number of magnets. I will be using these to create various manual (-2) generation programmable matter icosahedron prototypes. These prototypes will have no brain, no automated parts, and will not be programmable. They will just be icosahedrons with magnetic faces as an initial concept.

(-2) Generation Programmable Matter

Many people who hear the term ‘programmable matter’ immediately begin to think of ways to use computer commands to force electrons, protons, neutrons, or maybe atoms and molecules, into desired structures. That is the wrong understanding. That is replication of matter and not programmable matter. Programmable matter is microscopic, or near microscopic, colonies of machines.