Quantum Time Message: First Contact

The time of the special couvra was held three pentics after you will have received this transcript.

Disclaimers and transparency paragraph: This story is a work of fiction. It is not real and is based solely on my imagination. I wrote it to exercise my creativity not to pass time or knowledge. Anything in this story that resembles reality is done so for entertainment purposes only. Any feedback or notes are welcome but this is not an ongoing work so I may not utilize them in future creative endeavors. Thank you and please read with the intent of understanding how odd I can be at times.

I am forwarding this transcript to your delegation as is required of all outcomes from the Tildalialum. The special couvra was held three pentics after you will have received this transcript. As required by the ‘Treaty of Breton’ you are not permitted to intercede or take other actions to affect the decisions that will be made.

High Universtarian Cytra: The Tildalialum will now proceed. As this is a special couvra all formalities will be forfeit other than those which dictate appropriate verbal conduct and seat. We are here to determine if the Derbians have reached the point-of-evolution to receive the First Contact quibits. High Universtarian Quanviardiany please provide an update on the three delegations sent to determine if the Derbians can provide benefit, and should be welcomed into, the glaxy.

Universtarian Quanviardiany: The Peroakd have sent initial finding on the Derbians ability to conduct themselves in a manner that utilizes resources in an effective way while minimizing toxins and pollutants. The report is extremely preliminary but does seem to indicate more than 53% of the resources required to sustain life have been poisoned with the number continuing to climb. There is mass cognitive effect and decline due to Derbians injecting sustenance infused with all manner of toxins from left-to-right, top-to-bottom on the elemental chart. If they have discovered it they have ingested it. Again, this is preliminary in nature and it does appear, despite their medicine continuing to be chemical in nature, they are making some progress.

The Aherkep have been able to insight wars with very little provocation; however, even during times of war there were efforts to feed the least resource laden Deribians. That effort is ineffectual and the difference between the societies are vast. Some societies waste more food than would sustain those that have perished due to starvation, which is rampant. It appears there is little meaningful effort to sustain life outside of the dominant cultures by the dominant cultures.

The Hagidbvk have reported only recently arriving at the edge of Derbidia’s planetary system and are working to ensure they have an appropriate orbit to conduct their trials and record accurate findings.

High Universtarian Cytra: Thank you High Universtarian Quanviardiany. Universtarian Betyd will now provide input.

Universtarian Betyd: As everyone here knows we have taken a special technological interest in the Derbidians. Yes, we were sanctioned for visiting Derbidia without the proper permits but they are so technologically insignificant they have yet to discover any visits from any species at the Tildalialum. It appears they have developed the initial technology to interact with quibits and we are required to send First Contact. There are no details within our shared, agreed, moralities that prevent First Contact to be deployed while a creature is being tested for future potential. That is all.

High Universtarian Cytra: Universtarian Betyd it sounds like your species has continued to make visits beyond the time of last sanction but I will defer the matter until an official couvra. Your passion on this matter is noted as your species is sparse with communication and you provide several sentiments. Sub-Universtarian Plopaperap it seems you were the final registered communicator before the vote, make your views known now.

Sub-Universtarian Plopaperap: We have previously offered to take care of this issue for the delegations present at the Tildalialum. It was issue 417 where we provided a good-faith offer to cease the continues excretion of toxin and wast by the Deribians and were denied. Can any delegation here provide a reason why the Deribians should continue existence? Even the three delegations sent forth to determine if the Deribians should be welcome into the galaxy have sent dire reports. The Plopaperap delegations urges you all to vote to extinguish this parasite before its toxins breach the quarantine zone.

High Universtarian Cytra: A worthy speech by a noble warring species whom are always seeking an employer. As all delegations in attendance know the vote is to send a Fist Contact or to delay until such time as it is determined the Deribians will have evolved enough to be able to hear the message and understand its meaning. All delegations must vote now and any delegations not at the special couvra will be sent a temporal quibits stream detailing the results.

The results of the special couvra determined the First Contact will be deployed. It will remain at the edge of Deribia’s planetary system pulsing temporal quibits. It is estimated to take 243,129,123 ultra-peptics for the First Contact to reach its position. Each pulse will be configured to send the quibits stream backward on the timeline so Deribia will receive one pulse stream every 73 rotations around its star. At the conclusion of the platoons it will be determined the Deribians are an isolationist species and no further actions will be taken to establish communication. All feedback must be submitted to the Tildalialum within 23 pentics of the conclusion of the special couvra. No feedback is permitted prior to the conclusion of the special couvra as defined in the Treaty of Brenton.