Other Ideas

Intuition is when you don’t know the answer and don’t realize you are taking a guess without reasonable merit. Intuition is not logical, it is a guess and any success or failure resulting from intuition can be attributed to statistical probability.

Advertising Industry Reborn: Advertising On Your Platform Done Properly

Solar-powered Cellphones: why can’t I get a cellphone which has a screen that doubles as a solar panel and touchscreen? When ‘in-use’ the screen would act like a ‘normal’ cellphone screen and when not “in-use” the screen would be translucent and permit light to permeate the micro-solar-cell beneath. A cellphone that will recharge by being left in the sun too long seems like a bright idea for any camper.

Biometric Shoes for Payments and Insurance: Did you know a toe-print is equal in uniqueness to a fingerprint? That means (by reason of logic) that a footprint is is equal in uniqueness to a handprint. It would be neat to have a footprint enabled biometric enabled shoe that can act as a payment delivery mechanisms for hospitals and stores. It would require no ‘chip implants’, can’t be ‘pickpocketed’, and ensures only the owner could use the product to actually make purchases. For further security there could be additional add-ons such as weight biometrics or foot geometry. The concept is simple, walk into a store or medical facility, conduct your business, then walk out of the medical facility or store and have your shoes provide the required information (insurance data to the medical facility upon entrance and payment details to the store upon exit). The majority of products sold in stores have tags on them already, the only need is to tag the remaining goods and create a reliable tracking and payment system.

Raised Bed Tents: Imagine arriving at a campsite, taking a backpack out of your vehicle, unfolding a hard bottom raised bed tent that has 4 inch legs. You have a solid sleeping surface that is raised above the ground while still having the light weight wind and water resistant protection of a traditional tent. This is possible with lightweight materials with simple locking mechanisms on the undercarriage of the raised platform. Stakes can be driven into the ground through holes in the ‘legs’. A tent that will let water run underneath without soaking or disturbing the contents or occupants seems like a swimming idea.

Next-Gen Full Body Massages (very theoretical): Imagine attaching attaching four electric ‘sticky pads’ to the base and sides of your neck, turning on the electric base, and having the pads stimulate the nerves in your upper spine (or brain stem) in a way that agitated nerves systematically to stretch and compress muscles to alleviate cramps and knots. This technology has not been applied ti the entire body and (as far as I am aware) have not been researched on the spinal column or brain stem, but it would be neat to get a full body massage by attaching a couple sticky pads and turning a dial.

Desert Sand Dune Mining/Tunneling: Why hasn’t anyone developed a way to build mines in desert sand dunes? I imagine there should be some way to solidify the sand as you burrow through it. Maybe something along the lines of a large diameter heating element to ‘glassify’ (yep just created that word) the walls while using an incline plane drill (similar to the ridges on a screw) to remove the inner contents. Sand dune tunneling and mining, sounds like an adventure and a neat way to create deep-Saharan infrastructure.

Detachable, Replaceable Sport Cleats: Why haven’t sport shoe companies developed sports shoes that have detachable, replaceable sports cleats? Imagine having a pair of game shoes that had a ‘cleat pad’ that ‘snaps into’ the soles of sneakers. When the cleats start to wear they can be replaced with a new cleat pad. To reduce the waste caused by replacements the cleat pads can be made from recycled car tire rubber, recycled cleat pads, and a small amount of virgin materials. Having sport cleats that are easily replaceable and do not require a new shoe, why not?

Halo-Decks: What if “holo-decks” were real, no goggles required? Imagine an AI controlled dynamically malleable floor that raised, lowered, and morphed based on programming that was capable of submerging in 3 feet of water. AI driven wall panels that dynamically update with realistic deep-fake photography to (re)create an environment. Mobile deep-fake partitions capable of dynamically moving to imitate trees, structures, or debris. The technology currently exists.