SciFi or Physics?

Photon Carrier Pigeons: It has been quite some time since photo beams (lasers and what not) were introduced as physics based tactical offensive and defensive advantages. To my knowledge, very little has been done to counteract a laser itself. Whats if there were a mechanism that automatically detected the presence of laser technology and disrupted it by sending an equal but opposite signal towards the source that included payload particles that scattered the photons in a similar manner to the way fog scatters the headlamps of a vehicle? Using photons as carrier pigeons for other matter, wonder what fun scientists can get into if possible.

Space Vs. Time: Imagine time as a liquid and the fabric of space as a dried-up lake bed. The lakebed is constant. If a natural spring were to form in the middle of the lakebed time would slowly fill the fabric of space. As the liquid spreads more matter would come into existence such as grass, stars, planets, and microorganisms. Time expands as it fills the constant state of space fabric. Time and space are two different things, one is in a state of flux that is manipulated by gravity, polarity, surface tension, and matter while the other is a constant that provides a surface on which the water can be flow and create. Space/time is both a constant and a dynamic thing because it is two different things.

Time perspective: Normal people think about time in relation to their personal existence; marvelous people think about time in relation to the perspective of all whom experience it. One second for you is actually billions of seconds all of which are experienced in singular unison by every living creature. One second is only one second if it is only experienced by one being.

Matter Replication: I am so curious about this idea with which I have been playing. Is there a way to use photons to create high pressure around quantum particles in a way that creates specific (desired) atomic particles. I mean, imagine increasing the molar concentration of photons in a minute discrete area in such that it would force other quantum particles to combine to create a desired atomic or molecular structure.

Cracking Quantum Encryption: Release one electron at every point where they would most likely be acted upon by a quantum encryption particle and see which reacts. Do the same for a proton. Observe results and determine orientation of quantum particle. Reconstruct quantum particle stream based on observations. Highly theoretical and depending on the exact quantum particles used may need to replace electrons and protons with quarks, leptons, and/or weak bosons. By observing the effects of the quantum encryption on a neighboring particle the quantum encryption particle remains unchanged because it is not directly observed (theoretically). Quantum encryption might be a false start that is only secured by a lack of scientific understanding. But I could be wrong, it’s happened before.

Polarized Photons: If a stream of photons passes through a strong highly polarized field on electrons do the photons become polarized? What would be the implications of being able to create strong magnetic fields by turning on a light?

Time travel: What if humans discovered our understanding of time is completely wrong, that manipulation of time doesn’t permit travel through history but is limited to travel throughout the universe?

Liquid light and heavy time: I feel as though once we are advanced enough to collect a small chamber full of liquid light we will finally begin to grasp the physical principles of time, possible by accidentally observing heavy-time and misattributing it to dark matter or some inexplicable quantum mechanical unknown.