Voice 4 World Advancement

The world is changing and there is only one question to ask, ‘is humanity progressing towards or receding from becoming a unified entity’.

The #V4WA #Voices4WorldAdvancement tags have been created to post ideas, concepts, and creations which are intended to promote the advancement of quality-of-life globally. Anything shared with these tags are freely available to everyone for research, development, discussion, and/or creation (with the exception of anything patented which is typically only found in linked articles). The only requested limit is that any profits made from any proposed idea, tech, or concept be matched with philanthropic efforts in under-developed communities of need. All ideas on this page are posted as-is and do not provide any warranties or guaranties. Care is taken to attempt to ensure no ideas on this page are related to any current patents but due care should be taken to ensure that no patents have been awarded that relate to any ideas found here as these ideas are made publicly available without any knowledge of intellectual or proprietary property but there is no guarantee these ideas do not unknowingly infringe upon any such ideas. Use these ideas for starting places for creativity and innovation at your own risk after performing due diligence to ensure the works are not protected elsewhere. Please select a category below to begin reviewing these posts.

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