Movie Ideas

Genre: Epic Christmas Fantasy

Act 1 Setting: The North Pole, The Reindeer Training Center 700 years after Santa’s original reindeer retired and became myths of legend.

Act 1 Plot: The annual reindeer games have begun to award the eight winners with the titles “Dasher”, “Dancer”, “Prancer”, “Vixen”,
“Comet”, “Cupid”, “Donner”, and “Blitzen”. The titles are named after the historic mythical reindeer with the same names. One unusually reindeer fails at all the games and becomes the center of all reindeer jokes and bullying. This reindeer is friends with an elf who is equally ostracized by the elf community. The two often speak of the mythical “Rudolf Gemstone” that has been lost to the north pole since the original Rudolph retired and left the north pole to live a life in seclusion. The Gemstone being the only way to reunite all the magic snow kingdoms of the north that have been waring for the past 6 centuries.

Act 2 Plot: The outcast reindeer and elf set off on a voyage to locate and recover the ‘Rudolf Gem’ to prove their worth in spite of the generally accepted criticism that they are worthless to the Christmas Kingdom. Not long after they depart they arrive at the mountain of the Great Snow Warlock, the great descendant of a Wicked Winter Warlock known for the magic ability to create blizzards, control abdominal snowmen, and make magic snow balls that allow the Great Snow Warlock to spy on the travelers. To get past this mountain the travelers bring the ‘spirit of Christmas’ to the Great Snow Warlock by restoring Christmas to the mountain using the ancient ‘Magic Candy-cane’ relic (which the elf stole from Santa’s museum of Christmas relics). The magic candy-cane relic having been a trophy from a legendary battle between the ancient north pole elves and the ancient abdominal snowmen and Wicked Winter Warlock. When the magic candy-cane relic is re-introduced into the fountain of eternal cocoa the family curse that has been plaguing the Great Snow Warlock’s famiky for hundreds of years is lifted, the travelers have made a powerful ally, and the Great Snow Warlock joins the group on their voyage.

Act 3 Plot: The group reaches the island of rejected Misfit Toys. After arriving on this island the group is imprisoned for trespassing by the king. While in prison they discover cryptic notes and clues from the original Rudolf that help them escape and provides definitive proof they are following the correct path. They also discover the original Rudolph was friends with the king and used the Rudolf Gemstone to gift all the misfit toys to children whom would appreciate and love them. To escape they are smuggled out by islanders who eventually are discovered as traitors and sentenced to public disassembly. The heroes can only look-on helpless to intervene. The king has declared war on the north pole and is beginning to assemble a toy army.

Act 4 Plot: The group arrives at the place described in the prison on the island from which they recently escaped. When they arrive it is a flat desolate snow plateau with no vegetation, terrain, or life in site. The Great Snow Warlock remembers an ancient chant that was heard when the reindeer was a small child. The magician sings the chant which is an odd, somehow Scandinavian tribal raw song about how the original Rudolph had tamed the foes of snow mountain, restored hope to toys of rebuke, united the magical snow kingdoms of the north and retired inside the red nose of the flats of reindeer triumph. It appears nothing happens after singing the song but quickly the group realizes the plateau begins to crumble into a volcanic crater. Once the volcanic crater is fully exposed Rudolph’s gemstone is visible ‘floating’ on the surface of the lava in the middle of the crater. The reindeer uses its knowledge of the reindeer games to dash, dance, prance, comet, blitz, and pass the tests of cupid, donor, and vixen to retrieve the gemstone. Upon retrieving the gemstone the group returns to the north pole where an army of toy misfits has surrounded the Christmas kingdom. The situation looks dire as the Christmas elves and reindeer are preparing for battle. The returning heroes try to tell everyone they have the gemstone but no one will listen and the group can’t figure out how it works. That is when the reindeer start to remember the a story about the ancient ‘monument of good cheer’ but it is located outside the Christmas Kingdom’s walls deep in the camp of the misfit toy army. The group sneaks away at night. They are discovered by treacherous toy army soldiers and captured. While on their way to the toy king some friendly toy allies help them escape and the allies themselves are captured for their efforts. When the group reaches the monument there is a great battle that ends only after the gemstone is placed on the ‘alter of winter wonder’. At the moment the monument is restored all the armies are magically transformed, the toys are made whole again, the elves are restored to good cheer and merriment, and the snow become jolly again. As the story concludes the hero reindeer is honored by being assigned the great honor of becoming the high-Rudolph and leader of Santa’s sleigh team while the Elf hero is honored with a position as royal cocoa tester and diplomat to the toy and snow mountain kingdoms.

The Wrong President

Genre: Slap-Stick Comedy

Setting: Washington DC., the white house

Plot: Act 1: Americans have voted for a ‘write-in’ candidate, the electoral college also overwhelmingly elected the same ‘wrote-in’ candidate, and the supreme court upheld the decision after a bipartisan law-suite. Meanwhile, the candidate is vacationing in New Zealand after being the youngest American to win the Nobel peace prize for inventing a technological cure for insect-borne illnesses when the candidate discovers the candidate’s significant other in bed with a native new zealander and spirals out of controls.

Act 2: The newly elected president is sentenced to prison for 150 days in New Zealand for being a public nuisance and the presidential cabinet and vice president conspire to conceal the situation. The Vice President is a timid recluse who is mortified of all-things political and won’t come out of his office. The cabinet has hired an actor to impersonate the missing president but the actor soon realizes relaxing and enjoying the paycheck is a waste of the great power the imposter wields and decides to make some creative executive orders for personal gain and advantage.

Act 3: The vice president has taken the imposter president’s lead and started to relax and enjoy the job, mistakes happen. The imposter president has the epiphany that the selfish-interests the imposter has been using to advance personal interests would be better used to do some ‘real good’. The imposter president makes serious political connections with all political parties and helps to pass two laws through congress that are monumental. The ‘real’ president returns from New Zealand and assumes office. It quickly becomes apparent he is inept at his job and has a bad attitude thus the vice president and cabinet send him to camp david for ‘a sabbatical’ while the imposter continues to act as president.