Sanitation & Hygiene

Self-Sanitizing Public Restrooms (WCs): Each toilette is in a self-contained stall cubby with automatic lighting. When a person enters the ‘normal’ lights turn on based on weight sensors in the floor. Once person finishes, exits, and closes door ‘normal’ light is disabled and UVC light is activated. Anytime door is open or person is inside ‘normal’ light is activated and UVC light is disabled. Emergency “disable UVC” switch on wall for broken sensor situations.

Self-Sanitizing Restaurant Design: Imagine driving to your favorite restaurant, parking, then having the hostess escort you to your own private terrace dining space that was just completely and thoroughly sanitized using UVC light. This is possible in a retracting, mirrored roof situation. Diners can enjoy their meals in at a private table situated between a back wall and two side walls. Once they depart a mirrored ceiling and outer wall can slide i to place (automated or manual), turn on UVC lighting for a duration, then open again once the area has been sanitized. The sanitization can happen after or before the wait staff clears the dishes as their are reasonable arguments for both options. A restaurant that sanitizes every table after every customer without using harsh chemicals sounds like a treat to me.

Automated Towel Service: Imagine swiping (or tapping for phone key-cards) you hotel key or spa pass, inserting your old towel and receiving a clean towel in exchange. This is possible using a ‘bin’ system. Essentially, a user would swipe their card and enter the number of body towels, hand towels, and wash clothes being deposited. A door would the slide open to permit access to a deposit bin. The card reader would associate a towel deposit and bin to a user by scanning a bin’s code (QR, bar, or otherwise) and entering the user defined deposit into the tracking system. After the deposit is complete the bin is ‘pushed’ out of the way and the next empty bin is moved into place. When the laundry staff collects the laundry they scan the bin code, verify the deposit, and enter any discrepancies. Users are billed for false deposits. For additional sanitation, UVC lighting can be used in process to kill micro-life when it is waiting to be dispensed to a user or received by the laundry staff. Towel service that doesn’t require house cleaning to potentially give me an infectious respiratory illness seems like a fresh idea to me.

Time-Released Teeth Cleaner – thought provocation: Wouldn’t it be neat if humans could brush their teeth with a jell/paste that provided a clear, tasteless coating on your teeth that lasted for 24 hours and which protected the teeth from all the acids, sugars, dyes, and other harmful substances? Now, imagine the substance had no more harmful an effect than current tooth paste products, would you use it? Are ED and hair loss really more important than oral hygiene? Hopefully, scientists can realign goals away from vanity and back to social and global medical issues. Just my opinion.