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Anthko is a site which has been created to ensure Andrew Kosakowski maintains a digital presence on the internet despite having very few social media accounts. If you wish to support Anthko head over to Anthko’s Ideas and purchase one of the extremely popular items today or you can donate money now.

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On this site you can discover more about Andrew, his professional cybersecurity background, read his various publications and works, as well as contact him. Please take time to explore all the different types of content that Andrew has created and let Andrew know which content you enjoyed, which content needs to be improved, and which content you would like to see added in the future.

About Andrew

Andrew enjoys training for and completing certification exams and currently holds over 25 active certifications in the cybersecurity space. His certifications range from cloud certifications to workstation certifications and he has passed such certifications as the GDAT, CISSP, CEH, CASP+, and PenTest+. Andrew is also a strong privacy rights advocate that openly speaks out against facial recognition and the use of AI-assisted surveillance. Working in cybersecurity to help the education industry with cyber security efforts in Indiana, Washington DC, and Oregon have been among Andrew’s professional endeavors.To learn more visit the About Me section.

Creativity and a desire to share knowledge and experience influences Andrew’s publications and documentation. Andrew’s publications are listed into four general categories: Technical Conceptual Documents, Security Knowledge, Opinion Pieces, and Voice 4 World Advancement. Technical Conceptual Documents are works that were created to provide a technical concept that can be used to advance security in a very specific way. Security Knowledge is an eclectic collection of works that provide advice on a wide range of security issues. Opinion Pieces are Andrew’s personal thoughts on a limited set of matters in the security and technology space. Voice 4 World Advancement consists of Andrew’s ramblings about potential innovations which vary in detail and feasibility but do span multiple industrial verticals. To learn more visit the Publications section.

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Andrew, a cybersecurity professional, is available by special request and will make himself available for projects on a ‘needs’ basis. All of his publications are free to take, use, disseminate, and reproduce without further explicit consent but it is always nice to receive recognition. He does request that you forward an email letting him know you do plan on using one of his publications though. As he does not track publication usage, receiving notification that you enjoy or are going to use one of his publications is the only way he will know which publications are being valued and which are not. Having that knowledge will help him to produce more benefit and less waste. If you have any other questions, comments, concerns, or feedback please forward an email to Andrew at your convenience. To contact Andrew please use the below information.