We Need More Bandwidth (so more of our data can be stolen)

As we cross into the next generation of vomit inducing speeds there is a question that seems to elude even the most frugal of data users. Why do we need such exorbitant levels of speed capability if we aren’t fully utilizing the bandwidth we currently have? Ok, pause, some might make an argument that gamers, digital artists and animators, and even some super-streamers do consume the full spectrum of their allocated bandwidth. To that I say “I highly doubt that to be true.” The reason for my doubt is the extraordinary amount of bandwidth that is stolen (usually unbeknownst to the iser,) by many organizations. From social media applications to advertising agencies, from news sites to weather apps, from e-commerce to sporting goods, bandwidth is being syphoned for the purposes of financial gain of enterprises without the knowledge or consent of users. Organizations are covertly taking money out of the pockets of consumers in increased bandwidth costs and strain on public infrastructure to promote private financial gain. So, why do we need such exorbitant increases in bandwidth moving forward? Well, it’s so organizations can increase the amount of bandwidth they steal covertly from their users (as well as processing time and storage space as well in the form of cookies and other trackers but that is a different post) for private financial gain. Should we be concerned that organizations are stealing bandwidth from private citizens, costing citizens more morey without consent, and putting increased strain on public infrastructure?