Welcome to 2022: The Next ‘New Year’

Welcome to 2022, if you enjoyed ’21 you will love ’22. ’22 promises to be more exciting, keep all hands & personal items inside ’22 until you reach ’23.

2022 Knows It Isn’t One or the Other

Welcome to 2022, the next new year everyone. I could speak about many ‘hot button’ or ‘exciting’ things that have happened in ’21 but I think we are all looking forward to turning this calendar page. What I will say is this, we still don’t understand how saving the planet works. We are still being humans that think it is ‘this’ or ‘that’.

Coal Mining Is Not The Problem

One example is coal mining. The general though is that coal mining must end to promote a greener future. That is total bullshit. Yep, I used profanity to emphasize my point. We cannot eliminate an entire industry and put a strain on the whole of humanity in the name of ‘saving the planet’, that is just bullshit. The thing that needs to happen is a revolution within that industry that transforms it from a polluter to a savior.

Coal Mining to Recycle Captured Carbon: Welcome to 2022 Thinking

The coal mining industry needs to adopt carbon capture technology. The one I have previously proposed that is easy to implement and relatively inexpensive for example. Then the coal industry needs to take that captured liquid carbon and soak the mined coal in it to very high carbon rich till. This till can be launch the coal mining industry into a world leader of farming soil. Carbon is essential to replenish farming soil and transitioning from burning it to using it to clean the atmosphere not only saves an industry, it just makes sense. Stop trying to destroy your opponent and start trying to find ways to unify your futures.

Welcome to 2022

Welcome to 2022!! If you enjoyed ’21 there are quite a few surprises to enjoy in ’22. ’22 promises to be a highly exciting ride for the most exotic of thrill seekers. Please keep all arms, hands, and personal items inside ’22 until you reach ’23. Please remain seated at all times as trying to escape ’22 may cause unwanted and unpredictable environmental, political, social, or personal consequences.

Thanks for reading, see you next year.