Topic 417: Potential Recovery of Prudanalonians

the current Topic 417 inhabitants, ‘humans’ as they call themselves, have no knowledge of their shadow origins as a space faring, anthropological race.


This Topic 417 article is a creative exploration exercise. Any and all views, opinions, statements, and contents are purely fictional and should be viewed as such. This article should only be viewed as entertainment and nothing more. Everything in this post is completely fake, fabricated, and untrue.

The Topic 417 Situation

“Welcome all to the ICEB Topic 417. I know there has been great uproars when it was discovered the Prudanalonian outpost in galaxy 417 was abandoned for unknown reasons. Then when we discovered the Prudanalonian’s actually used their cargo vessel to crash into the planet of observation to kill the dominant lifeforms betrayal shook this coalition. Now we have found the Prudanalonian’s have become the dominant species on the plant, are destroying the planet, and once again are attempting to reintegrate into space travels. With that I turn the listeners to the mouth of Prudanalonian High Universtarian Quanviardiany.”

Topic 417 Responsibility


“Thank you High-Universtarian Cytra, may peace and prosperity always be yours. Thank you all for taking the time to meet. It is with deep sorrow that the Prudanalonian’s do acknowledge the current inhabitants of 417 did evolve from our ancestors and they did commit genocide against all the inhabitants of 417.

Topic 417 ‘Humans’

It is true that was thousands of their star cycles ago and the current inhabitants, ‘humans’ as they call themselves, have no knowledge of their shadow origins as a space faring, anthropological race. They have genetically severed ties with the Prudanalonians and we see no reason to intercede on their behalf. They were neither advanced by or developed any strain of Prudanalonian technology.

What Happened on Topic 417

It seems that shortly after they destroyed the dominant species of 417 the satellite we place was struck by a solar flare and disabled. All our biological technology on and within the satellite perished and turned to dust. We had believed the Prudanalonian’s of old had been destroyed in a spacial anomaly because the satellited ceased to function. This is why it took us so long to investigate the loss in contact.

The Topic 417 Moon

The satellite now is only viewed as a moon to 417 and none of our technology exists or is recoverable. It is true 417 is dying but the ‘humans’ caused it themselves with their own rudimentary technology and Prudanalonians bear no responsibility for their saving. I now release from my mouth the attention and permit the next to speak.”

Plopaperap on Topic 417

Hard Questions

“Universtarian Quanviardiany, do you not bear any responsibility for your descendants? You say they are a rogue faction that has separated from you and bears no resemblance of you but if a child is abandoned in the wilderness will it also bear no resemblance of its parents? Will the child learn its own techniques and develop its own tools that are different that a child raised by its parents? If such a child is found in the wilderness should it be left to be devoured by predators or should it be restored with its kind?”

A Proposition

“I understand this to be deeply embarrassing for the Prudanalonians but is not your position based on losing the moral superiority with which you have judged so many other beings? We are a warring being and we will take care of this problem for a price, just confess you are not as noble and moral a being as you claim. You are the same as we and the restitution and sanctions levied against us for bringing the Eedrichol beings to non-existence was unwarranted. Restore our place and vote in the coalition.”

Universtarian Quanviardiany Responds

“Sub-Universtarian Plopaperap the past transgressions of your being were done with full knowledge and support of the entirety of your being with no effort to prevent loss of a fellow being. This is a fundamental difference with how the 417 life has been depleted and replaced by the Prudanalonian descendants, the ‘humans’. The current 417 beings are not Prudanalonian children, they are an evolved species that shares 99.99984% of Prudanalonian core DNA. As all the listeners know the 0.00016% mutation in core DNA creates a different species at a fundamental level.”

Tyxyryn Challenges the 417 Response

“Universtarian Quanviardiany I will speak now. The Prudanalonian beings are 15.8% different in their core DNA from our being yet we both are Universtarian. It is also true that the Prudanalonian being were once our being, were Muitaaz. Should the Muitaaz let the Prudanalonian being perish when they Prudanalonian being first diverged from the Muitaaz being?”

Universtarian Quanviardiany Responds to Tyxyryn

“Univserstarian Tyxyryn I would remind you the origins of the Prudanalonian being was caused but the exile our our ancestors by the Tyxyryn after a science incident that destroyed topic 14. The dominant species of topic 14 was not destroyed and replaced by the Prudanalonians.”

Tyxyryn Interupts

“But the Prudanalonians did settle on topic 14 and claim it as their home, isn’t that correct Universtarian Quanviardiany?”

Quanviardiany Answers

“That is correct, after the Prudanalonian ancestry were unable to find a suitable home when they were exiled they were granted permission to use a desolate planet that had no inhabitants. A planet that was provided to the being by the council.”

Closing Topic 417


“I will thank the Universtarian and sub-universtarian beings that spoke and those that listened with diligence. It is time to make a vote of future. There are two choices before us. The inhabitants of Topic 417 have been studies and their fates determined. They are both a self-destructive and self-indulging being that will perish if not reunited with the greater beings of known.

The Topic 417 Choice

As the inhabitants of topic 417 are descended from Prudanalonian anthropologists it would be the Prudanalonian being that would bear responsibility of contact and integration. All Universtarians must voice your vote now using your integrated communications systems based on biological preference.

Receiving the Choice

We have ensured that the beings whom communicate using biological short-wave, long-wave, and ultra-short wave light and radio signals have adapted mechanisms. Any other unique biological requirements have not been received for communication purposes and an envoy is en-route to take a personal voice of vote. That is all for this Topic, the decision will be deployed once all votes are tallied. May peace and prosperity be always yours.”