Unconditional Joy

A thirty-year promise 
unconditionally I leapt
years have passed 
still the promise lasts
promises lost in time
futures lost by solo adventures
wrinkles hiding what was 
can't reverse life spent
A shadow is now by my side 
only two and a half feet high
but nothing is forever gone
will our two paths ever be unified
promises further lost with every stride
a future stolen by our situations
wrinkles hiding what can be done
can't deny the paths we traveled
has your shadow grown
have you lost your gamble 
and earned that diamond 
Or do you just pretend
promises lost down the aisle
a future promised just to you
wrinkles hiding what was lost
still hoping  joy will be my last
What is dull can be shined 
And I return to joy
but now my shadow has my heart
but unconditional is my promise
promises broken for my joy
a future unconditional shall persist
wrinkles can't hide what's deep inside
Even if I never find my joy
to you I wish everything desired