Solar Flares & Star Travel

This is a quick one just for fun. Just a theoretical pondering about eccentric galactic theoretical physical principle.

As human understanding of physics evolves we are approaching a critical decision point. We must decide to augment einsteinian theory or rebuke advances in physical understanding. Let’s skip forward a bit in time to where humans understand the speed of light is relative and can be surpassed with the correct propulsion systems.

At that point in time will we have enough knowledge and understanding to ‘fly’ through stars? If we were traveling at speeds greater than the speed of light would it really be that big of a problem to fly through the highly viscous plasmatic goo that is a star? If we did fly through a star what would the observable effects be to a civilization that were on an orbiting planet? I suspect the observable effects would be ‘random’ solar flares. I further suspect that if the ‘ship’ were traveling too slowly through the star or lost structural integrity the ‘solar flare’ would be tremendously increased and may have collinear effects such as a quasi-unique nuclear discharge and signature or electro-magnetic ‘spray’ that douses the planets closest to the star. As humans’ understanding of physics evolve will too our understanding of how we interpret our observations, frame of reference, and perspective?

Perspective, where do you stand?