The Square Hole Gets the Square Block Unless the Triangle Will Fit

Often humans want the exact perfect fit which will meet our perceived needs, expectations, and goals; however, in our search for perfection we often overlook options that meet our actual needs, can fulfill our expectations, and help us reach our goals. We think we need a square block for the square hole to fill our buckets and reject all other shapes even though triangle blocks can fit through the square hole and fill our buckets. Our rigid definition of requirements often prolongs the amount of time to achieve our goals because the focus remains on searching for ideal instead of making progress. Finding the perfect fit is well, perfect to be exact, but any perfectionist will let you know that achieving perfection tales a great deal of time and effort that could be otherwise used to make progress, achieve safe, workable results, and fine-tune the progress “in-flight” to close proximity gap between ‘current’ and ‘perfect’ results. The square shaped hole gets the square shaped block (unless the triangle shaped block fits) and perfection delays progress when adequate can make progress. Humans need to stop having rigid and unreasonable expectations for perfection when the expectation of adequate can achieve results more efficiently while permitting the same quality of very near perfection to be achieved in the same amount of time or sooner.