Gaining Cybersecurity Perspective is for Accuracy, Not Success

In all situations human people see things in unique ways based on their experiences, backgrounds, beliefs, culture, and society. When one human observes the results of another human’s actions naturally there is a reaction in the first human. When Sandeep sees the results of Ling’s actions Sandeep naturally reacts in a way that he perceives will result in success (or least damage). Now, if Sandeep understands why and what Ling has done his response is likely to be far more effective; however, Sandeep could rake actions (like running away) that still result in eventual success (or reduced harm) without knowing the ‘why’ or ‘what’ of Ling’s actions. Gaining perspective is for Accuracy, not success because just taking any action has a likelihood of resulting in success whereas understanding perspectives before taking action produces the most accurate path to success with the least amount of effort. In cybersecurity there are a lot of teachings about ‘how to think like a hacker’ which is cool because you can try to see how to monetize data but what about the perspective of criminals who aren’t after money? Can you step into the perspective of a digital criminal (because we have confused the term ‘hacker’ with the term ‘digital criminal’) that isn’t part of an ATP or organized crime unit? ‘Know thy enemy’ and know you can be successful without knowing your enemy but it takes more effort and some luck.