The Cybersecurity Bubble is Going to Pop

Not too long ago the cost to own a home in the United States became unreasonably high and unsustainable. This condition lead to a collapse of the housing markets across most major metropolitan areas resulting in homeowners owing more in mortgage and HELOC debt than their homes were worth. A lot of people abandoned their homes and let the lenders reposes (foreclose) on the homes and consume the debt. Cybersecurity may be headed in the same direction. The cost-to-secure is becoming unsustainable for the majority of businesses as fines, ransomeware, and lawsuits ravage the business landscape with insurance providers that make it increasingly difficult to file a successful claim. As we move forward we may see a dramatic shift in how businesses respond to a breach, we may see more businesses shuttering their doors instead of attempting recovery unless the industry is distrusted with lower cost, more efficient solutions that return a sustainable cybersecurity posture to all businesses. If we keep stretching cybersecurity the surface tension will succumb to the most minute force resulting a total collapse of the industry.