Cybersecurity Issue: Creative Covert Comms for Predators

I personally do not have any games on any of my mobile devices but everyone I know plays mobile games. Mobile game playing is especially among younger generations as parents become more isolated and less capable of receiving community and familial support and assistance. It has been long known traditional gaming platforms that offer ‘online multiplayer’ platforms permit relatively anonymous communications between users globally. With the wide spread proliferation of mobile devices that can have an unknown owner whom downloads a mobile game and creates an account without providing any real identifying data it has become trivial for an attacker or predator to groom or elicit information from victims. Do you know whom might be communicating with children in your community and/or what they are telling those children to do through a mobile game’s chat feature? What about using the same chat feature to exfiltrate data or plan an attack? This post is to raise awareness about a cybersecurity issue and not cause alarm. If you don’t know how people are communicating you can’t ensure people aren’t communicating harmful content or planning harmful acts.