Terra-forming Earth The Easy Way: Using Atmospheric CO2 to Save Farming

It seems that everyone is in a tiff about a little extra CO2 in the atmosphere and a lack of carbon in the farm soil. All the egg heads have thrown ideas at the wall to see what will stick without regard to price. Well, that means I have no reason not to propose a solution as a starting point for consideration. My extremely simplistic solution not only saves money but it actually transforms the employment of employment sources that create carbon emissions into sources of employment that remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. What is this extremely simplistic solution? Well, the first step is to build a fairly large compression chamber, fill it will atmospheric gases and mine trailings, raise the pressure while slightly cooling the gas to make liquid CO2, then soak the mine trailings in the liquid CO2 to create a chemical reaction that makes solid carbon. The end product will be a carbon rich soil that can be used to return carbon to the farm fields where they are desperately needed. Yes, there are a few details that need to be detailed but the overall picture is fairly simplistic. For mines in cold whether areas no cooling of atmospheric gasses is required at all. This is just the start of a conversation and not the finished product, enjoy.