Mizeraak: Hello Humans of Derabidia

Please read with an understanding this is designed for entertainment purposes. Hello humans, recently I was asked if I believed aliens exist.

Hello humans, recently I was asked if I believed aliens exist. I took this to question if I believe non-terrestrial sentient beings exist because we know micro life exists beyond the confines of atmospheric earth. My immediate response was that I didn’t know but even if they did what reason would we, as humans, have to believe we are special enough to spark the interest of any travelers that are technologically advanced enough to travel the great expanses of the universe. That is the sentiment used to create the following completely fabricated correspondence from a sentient non-terrestrial life form named Mizeraak. I think I would love to offer this idea to the universe for contemplation, consideration, elaboration, and its possibility to spark the imagination of any reader whom may be invigorated to imagine the possibilities that exist in one’s own creativity. Please read with an understanding this is designed for entertainment purposes.

First I must thank you, the human delegation, for taking the time to receive me. I know my presence here must be a bit startling but should not be unexpected. As your race has the potential to become a space faring species you have the capacity to recognize there are other beings that exist with intelligence that exceed your own and whom have existed for far greater millennia. I say this not to denigrate your existence but only to shed light on how youthful your planet and species happens to be in your young existence.

Despite your youth you have attracted the attention of the Tildalialum. The Tildalialum is what you may consider a coalition of galaxies. It is the ruling governing body in this part of the universe. There is a great debate in the Tildalialum about the ongoing existence of Derabidia, about what you call Earth. In very recent time Derabidia, your home, has become a toxic geyser that is speading poison throughout this portion of the galaxy. From Derabidia comes swath after swath of toxic emissions that you call radio waves. The Tiladialum has permitted its members to nullify any devices that leave the solar system in which Derabidia resides, but Derabidia is the source of the hazardous waste that is seeping into the galaxy.

Now, I do not say these things to cause fear or hostility. I say these things to permit you to understand how Derabidia is viewed by the Tildalialum and what effects Derabidia is having on the galaxy. The reason the Tildalialum has not interceded to stop the toxic infection of the galaxy is due to a closely contested vote based on the right of species to evolve without interference. I must warn you though, that vote may soon be overturned. I say this not to frighten you but to bring you warning and understanding.

The emissions Derabidia sends into the galaxy not only poisons the life form that have evolved from the technological advancements our ancestors used to create galaxy traveling vessels. While it is true that our galaxy traveling vessels are technological lifeforms that are being disrupted and made ill by your poisons they are not the only species to be affected. There are four representatives from parts of the galaxy whom have entire species that are highly susceptible to minute variances in radio-visual spectrum. These species range from translucent beings that can only exists in a very finite portion of what you call the infrared spectrum to a brittle species with something similar to your skeletal system that shatters when exposed to the kinds of radio signals you bleed into the galaxy.

The Tildalialum has quarantined this portion of space to all species that may experience major physiological or psychological affects of your poisons. All species that may be susceptible to your poisons have also been restricted from entering this portion of the galaxy. I am of a species that evolved in a twin star system. My species evolved in the presence of a red star and a blue star at the edge of a galactic electro-magnetic star-creating cloud. My species is well suited to travel to many places that would destroy other forms of life. Now, I do not say these things to startle you but I must warn you.

I am not here on behalf of the Tildalialum, I am here to warn you of unsettlement in the Tildalialum. You see, long ago, may millennia before what you call dinosaurs, my species was just beginning to reach out into the galaxy. At that time my species did create some technological mistakes. Mistakes that are similar the mistakes Derabidia is making. While we did not threaten to extinguish a number of our neighboring life forms we did destroy a number of stars with our technology. As we evolved and learned we became a mature and responsible species. We have that same hope for Derbidia. We hope that Derbidia will have the chance to become a mature and responsible species that is welcomed into the galaxy. That is why am here to warn you.

The Tildalialum is sending three envoys. None of the envoys will make contact with Derabidia but will determine the fate of Derabidia. You see, the Tildalialum has a great internal struggle for power and Derabidia is one of the arguments within that struggle. There are three Tildalialum representatives that will determine the fate of the Tildalialum and this will be done by determining the merits of Derabidia. This is not meant to frighten you but only to explain the situation that Derabidia is in without any knowledge of its own situation.The three envoys are on their way to Derabidia even now. Even as I speak these words to you the envoys are preparing their experiments, tests, and point systems.

The first envoy is the envoy of Peroakd. Peroakd is a species that has evolved from a small planet that has a long lineage of population and resource management to ensure the continued existence of its population. Peroakd will be evaluating the sustainability of Derabidia. The tests and experiments of Peroakd will focus on Derabidia’s ability to manage population and sustainability adversity. It surely will come to pass that Peroakd will send plagues to Derabidia to evaluate Derabidia’s planetary-wide ability to protect the inhabitants against toxins. This will mirror the galaxy’s ability to protect itself from the toxins Derabidia has been seeping. It surely will also come to pass that Peroakd will alter the weather to create great planetary disasters that Derabidia will consider natural disasters. There will be famine, fire, drought, floods and earthquakes to test Derabidia’s ability to recover on a planetary level. Derabidia needs to focus its efforts on global sustainability and support to pass these tests.

The second envoy will be the envoy of Aherkep. The Aherkep species is one that has experienced great injustices internally and from early galaxy rivals. The Aherkep will test the governments and societies of Derabidia. The Aherkep will desire to seek an understanding if the governments and societies of Derabidia are just and protect those in need or if the governments and societies are predatory towards their own and those of neigbor governments and societies. If there is great disparity between those whom are the least of the Derabidia people and those whom are the greatest of the Derabidia people there will be failure with the Aherkep. For the Aherkep, Derabidia is a single home and all living there should dine at the same table.

The third envoy will be the Hagidbvk. The Hagidbvk are one of the eldest species known to the galaxy and have great wisdom. With them lies the responsibility to determine the great truth. The Hagidbvk will determine if Derabidia holds a species that has the capacity to become a benefit to the galaxy. Your species, the species of Derabidia will be judged based on your potential to become a service to the galaxy. Now, I must admit that I do not know how those from Derabidia can become a benefit to the galaxy because all species provide benefit in their own ways. There is no specific tests that can be predicted from this envoy.

Now, I do not tell you these things to cause fear, I tell you these things to warn you. These three envoys will judge Derabidia and it will be there judgment that will determine the fate of the Tildalialum. Yes, my species has certain similarities to Derabidia but the fate of the Tildalialum is far greater than the existence of your Derabidia. I come to warn you of these envoys and judgments so you can prepare your Derabidia. In preparing for these envoys you may be able to keep two of the envoys from deciding Derabidia should continue to exist and be permitted to evolve. Prepare Derabidia so Tildalialum will not be forced to extinguish the ruling life on Derabidia once again. And, in doing such, save the Tildalialum from changing seats of power.

The current seat of power in the Tildalialum is a species that is benevolent and the challenging power is known to be a stern power. If the Tildalialum were to change seats of power not only would the Derabidia be in great peril, many young species would be at risk. The challenging power is of a species that believes in strict adherence to rules without regard to the understanding of the offenders. To use terms your people could understand I say this next statement. If the Tildalialum were to change seats of power the new ruling species would impose the most severe consequences against the least offenses even for those that do not know they have offended. In Derabidia terms it would be akin to a government removing life from a Derabidia person for operating a transportation device above the permitted velocities.

I say these things not to frighten you. I say these things to warn you. These three envoys are on their way and they are preparing their tests. If you do not prepare Derabidia for these envoys Derabidia may cease to hold sentient beings. If such fates were to come to fruition many other youthful species would too be at risk of the same fate. My species and the species that believe youthful species should be permitted to evolve cannot intervene and even now I speak to you at great peril. Prepare yourself for the sake of all young species that someday may have the capacity to be part of the galaxy. If you do not become one Derabidia you will become an extinguished Derabidia. These things I say to you not to scare you but to warn you. The three envoys will be arriving within