Cybersecurity: Right Size, Don’t Oversize

There are many security (cybersecurity, data security, information security, personnel security, etc.) professionals, some are hardliners that try to make you think if you are not paranoid all the time and constantly scouring every article on every website to find the next indicators of attack you are unprepared and possibly negligent and about to experience total devastation. Others preach about implementing the newest, most advanced, AI/machine learning/next generation tools to ‘prevent attacks before they happen’. Still others say automation will save the day and keep you safe(r). The truth is, all of these are only partial truths. In reality, a good patching program with mature configuration and asset management goes a long way in preventing a lot (a truly extraordinary number) of attacks. Just setting things up properly, keeping track of what you own, and updating software helps keep you safe, who knew? Having the proper security controls for your environment is pretty important too (especially for compliance). That doesn’t mean the newest and shiniest, it means what works for your admins and is capable of actually stopping, detecting, responding to, or recovering from an attack. Not everyone needs a hot site and not everyone will benefit from tape backups but if you do either that’s ok if it is appropriate for your needs. Right size, don’t oversize.