No Compliment is a Compliment

In these types of heightened awareness, super sensitivity, and brag-worthy wokeness it is a high compliment to receive no feedback. If you didn’t receive a compliment or an insulting remark you actually received a standing ovation. If you received mild criticism you actually received a strong compliment. If you received an onslaught of insulting name-calling based on the personal opinions of crowd members you just might be noteworthy for your self-sacrificing honesty, or you might be a terrible person. No matter how you slice the apple you are still cutting it. Expect people to be unhappy by your happiness. Expect people to insult you when you are being true to your beliefs. Expect people to try to take away and diminish your accomplishments and the good in your life. Do not accept these things as deficiencies on your part if you aren’t hurting others, accept these things as failures of the culture as it currently exists because in this culture no compliment is a great compliment about whom you are personally.