Cybersecurity: 25 Seconds of Freedom

People are emotional and do odd things when emotional that would otherwise be prevented by their better judgment. This is a fairly universal truth and the reason some scams and phishing attempts are so successful. Other than with exceptionally old hardware or extremely poorly designed software I know of no solution that offers a person 25 seconds to consider what actions are being taken before they are actually taken. So, for me personally, I have created cybersecurity passwords that take around 25 seconds to enter. Yep, depending on my typing speed that could be a long one. This ensures I have 25 seconds at time between having an idea and being able to commit to that idea. I have 25 seconds for my brain to gain control and prevent a rant. I have 25 seconds to prevent myself from clicking that link without considering how suspicious it appears. I have 25 seconds before I can forwards that document. I have 25 seconds of freedom to make mistakes, rant, sound the alarm, and make better choices, just 25 seconds. Now, in our current need for immediate results 2 seconds seems like an eternity just when loading a web-page; therefore, it seems unreasonable to force people to wait 25 seconds for anything. Maybe we can design an AI that stops looking for ‘suspiciousness’ and starts looking for ‘emotionality’ to limit who is forced to wait 25 seconds. But what if AI gets it as wrong as it has facial recognition? Maybe 25 seconds of freedom needs to be a personal choice.