Cybersecurity and Others: Did you say ‘no’ because it’s would be work or because it’s not safe?

It is surprising to see how many subjects, organizations, groups, and even industries (not just cybersecurity) decline the opportunity to advance or move in specific directions because not doing so is less work or “easier” rather than considering the consequences in terms of safety and security. Yes, crossing the ravine (by building a bridge or traversing steep hillsides) may prove difficult but the lava won’t reach anyone on the other side, should you risk the 10% chance of being burned here when there is a zero percent chance of being burned there? I suppose that answer is determined by the people holding the whips and abacuses. Safety should be priority one without exception. Yes, arguments can be made about cost-effective safety that meets the level of risk but those arguments are moot. In a truly holistic security and safety program financial security is a metric and financial planning and security is balanced with physical and digital safety and security. So, is advancement in safety being impeded because it will cause a safety issue (possibly financial) or because it will cause work? Advance wisely and do not let effort block your path.