The Measure of Leadership

Leadership is not defined by how high followers lift up their leaders, it is defined by how high leaders are able to lift up their followers. It is easy for many to lift one but it is far more challenging for one to lift many. This is the reason even “natural born leaders” require training and support. Without training and support one might assume a leader must lift up the followers with the leaders own arms and subsequently be crushed under the weight of responsibility. In this place in time a leader must uniformly lift all followers without reservation or bias while engaging in battle with such threats as compliance, internal and external strife, internal competition and ambition (versus cooperation), external competition, cyber-threats, financial threats, and a myriad of other pests, predators, and adversaries. This is why leaders need to be trained to understand the tools which are available to lift up followers, (tools such as recognition programs, bonuses, special training, promotions, special assignments, unique rewards, and the likes,) how to effectively leverage those tools, and how to ensure those tools are properly maintained to ensure longevity of effectiveness. The measure of a leader is how high followers are be uniformly lifted, how safe the environment is for followers, and how far pests, predators, and adversaries have been kept from even the most susceptible of followers. Train leaders to uphold and defend their responsibilities without being crushed under the weight.