The Cybersecurity Country Club

The security industry is elitist, exclusionist, and unattractive to many many potential candidates. Instead of looking for reasons to introduce and include people in the industry a targeted approach has been designed (purposefully by some and out of ignorance by others) to find reasons to keep people out. This may sound harsh or unrealistic but let’s examine some facts. The majority of organizations require formal academic achievement beyond secondary education. Past criminal behavior disqualifies candidates, even though humans have ‘served their time’ they are still under punishment. Having the incorrect social media accounts (not being stalk-able on social media for instance) disqualifies humans. Not having the ‘right’ (expensive) certifications disqualifies humans. Saying the wrong thing in the wrong place (remember that post about the president?) disqualifies humans. Not being ‘known’ in the right circles disqualifies humans. Not passing (in some countries a potentially illegal) non-formal reference check (produced by the friend of the hiring entity). Not having the right social or financial credit rating disqualifies humans. We do not have a skills shortage, a talent gap, or a lack of hungry professionals. We have an industry of elitists that are proving we do not deserve their talents or contributions and it is producing horrific results.