Intelligent Humans are Limited

There are many ways to determine how intelligent any given human is at any given point in time; however, only one measure of intelligence is so widely accepted that it has nearly become the global standard. Of course I am referring to the ‘IQ test’ which attempts to provide testers with culturally and linguistically agnostic exam items that are timed in an effort to be as objective as possible. It may come as no surprise that most humans fall within a fairly constant range of scores while some score above and belo that range. The further from the standard range a tester is capable of scoring, the fewer testers whom actually achieve the score. This means some people are just far more intelligent than the garden variety human. That is why organizations like to have coherent and cohesive teams. A collective intelligence is more likely capable of dealing with a single rouge ‘genius’ and (probably relatively) matched in intelligence with an adversary of equal size. The difference between groups of equal size of normal intelligence levels is training. Therefore, cybersecurity teams need to be well trained, cohesive, and coherent or composed of a very small group of geniuses that have access to reference resources. Most organizations can’t find a group of geniuses (remember the IQ scoring thing) because they are rate so training and cohesions are critical because intelligent humans are limited.