Discussing Racism: Starvation Vs. Skin Tone

humanity is a group of beautiful and unique flowers blooming in the garden we call earth. Don’t let the weeds and vines of racism mangle and destroy the beauty

Why Post This

If you hop over to my opinions’ page you will notice I do not have many. This post will be the latest addition my my most rare post type. Yes, this post is about racism and may be considered controversial by some. Also yes, it is well understood this post could result in some form of backlash or reprisal of an overt or inconspicuous nature because it is a controversial post on a site that typically shies away from societal controversy. The reason for this post is one of transparency. One of my core values is transparency and I want there to be little question about my opinions on race and/or racism.

Racism VS. Humanism

It occurs to me that some groups within every racial class believe themselves to be a superior racial group. This belief also exists in sub-groups of racial classes as is demonstrated by colorism. This belief is in contrast to humanity. There is no way a single group can be superior to another within a species that expands the geographic, climate, and cultural expanses that humans occupy.

Crude and Possibly Offensive Example

To take a very crude example, which is the superior bear, the black, brown, polar, or koala? They are all uniquely gifted and splendid and none can be directly compared in totality against one another. There is no best or superior bear. Likewise, what happens if a human has no access to food for five days? It really doesn’t matter what skin color or skin tone a person has because starvation doesn’t have eyes.

To Those Whom Choose Racism

For those that do hold strong beliefs that a single race or group of ethnicities is superior or inferior to another race or group of ethnicities I say the following. You are human as am I but we are not the same. I value all human life and wish to see all humans have the opportunity to not only succeed but to also be safe in the knowledge that if they fail they will not fall by the wayside and perish. You are human so my concern extends to you as well; however, I do not share your views and will not enable the advancement of such views. If any such views are raised in my presence you will no longer be welcome in my life. When and if you decide you would like to change I will be here.

To Those Whom Renounce Racism

I will be here as long as you come with sincerity and determination to promote a better future for everyone and not just someone. Until you decide to sincerely change there will be no comfort, not solace, no silence, only the harsh yelling and hot tones of those whom try to control you with their firry hatred. The choice is yours. You can be succumb to the comfort of being controlled by others and settle into racism or you can be free to live, succeed and/or fail, grow, and flourish in freedom.

My Conclusions

Humans who put their hand in a fire get burned without regard to skin tone or color. People who have no food starve and starvation doesn’t care about race. A scrape of the knee or slip of the knife produces red blood for everyone. There is no one group, sub-group, race, or ethnicity that is superior or inferior to any other. Each has unique characteristics with the most obvious being skin tone but even those are dissipating as all the cultures on earth become a single body of people. Those who cling to racism are outsiders who will become increasingly secular as their os greater understanding that racism is a form of social control that ensnares those who fall victim to its erroneous teachings. All of humanity is a group of beautiful and unique flowers blooming in the garden we call earth. Don’t let the weeds and vines of racism mangle and destroy the beauty of humanity.