Different People, Different Priorities, & Being a Tsunami

It took me three years to move from below the poverty line to making over 110k a year and only three minutes to give up that money, return to poverty, and start a new path. You see, when I was in poverty before I was a different person with different relationships, different goals, different interests, and a different attitude. Now, I have chosen to return to poverty because it was the only way to really succeed and enrich my life. I have enough skills and connections to move back to a number of cities and make pretty close to what I was making before but I would be losing out on what I have now. So, for now, I wait to find a local positions that matches my career skill set (which probably isn’t going to happen) or I evolve and adapt my skills to my new surroundings because, as you can see, no person is an island. People rely on me to adapt and provide once again, to become the tsunami by which I was once known. It doesn’t matter if we are talking insider threats, threat landscape, or social morality, priorities change and only those organizations and humans whom adapt to the changes will be able to survive the storm. Pay attention to the world around you, take note of the changes, and build a proper strategy that is supported by thoughtful implementation.