Cybersecurity and Privacy Truth: All Voice Data is Biometric Data

As the awareness around facial recognition flaws and abuse become more wide spread there is a new cybersecurity and privacy threat to society that is seeing widespread deployment without the knowledge or consent of consumers or citizens. As the title of this post indicates the threat is the mass collection and analysis of voice data. As law enforcement’s collection, storage, and analysis of cellular (and other) voice data becomes more prevalent in contradiction to constitutional rights of citizens, systems are being built that can scan through the massive amounts of mass surveillance data looking for biometric voice signatures. The implication is mass surveillance that is far more invasive and destructive to privacy than previously believed. But law enforcement is not the only abuser of voice data. Any organization that has a call center ‘may record this call for quality assurance’ to include analyzing voice data to build biometric profiles without disclosure to the consumers. As these voice profiles are built they can be sold for profit. Essentially, voice data is a fingerprint organizations can sell for a profit. Once that voice data is sold or leaked it can be used for a host of nefarious activity to include blackmail, deep fakes, emotional manipulation, and identity theft to name a few. All voice data is biometric data and it is being collected, stored, analyzed, manipulated, and sold without disclosure to the end user and in some cases with the appearance of violation of the constitution of the United States and state biometric and privacy laws.