Advertising Agencies and Other Digital Stalkers

Have you heard of the following two digital stalkers companies?:

  1. Zen global
  2. 3pillar global

If you have not that is of little surprise but don’t be surprised if they have heard of you, stalked you, and amassed a startling amount of deeply personal, private, and invasive data about you. These two companies are just two of many organizations whom hold the responsibility of stalking every human on earth whom can be monetized and manipulated. You are not a human, you are a doorway to that bank account you use to feed yourself and tour family. The goal of these companies is to split you open and empty that account into the pockets of their customers. Privacy is not a concern because there is none in the databases these organizations control. Yes, they ‘anonymize’ data but with the deeply detailed contents they store the ‘anonymization’ is akin to a person putting on a baseball cap in CIA headquarters to conceal his/her identity. It just doesn’t work because there are so many advanced technologies that can identify you. (In the CIA I imagine there is facial recognition, gate/stride biometrics, arm-length to torso width ratio, weight biometrics, arm swing, eye scans, pheromone analytics, etc.). You are a doorway just being hammered by an axe until you split open and no privacy legislation has come close to returning you to the state of being human. Privacy matters but as of yet you have none and there is no signs of relief in sight.